Geared up!

Today was pretty windy day. Two twin otter flights came to our camp, dropped the rest of gears we were waiting for. Two ski-doos (now we all have very own ski-doo!), more drums of fuel, more food boxes. We were actually getting low on some food items, so I was so happy when I saw our food boxes. I actually hugged Jani and danced a bit. Again, today was pretty windy. Up to 15 knots for few hours. Recorded 20 knots some point. It felt so much colder that any other day. But we need strong wind to blow snow away. Since we got quite bit of snow fall the other day, significant amount of blue ice has been covered with snow. We are hoping these strong wind will expose more blue ice. Around our camp site, it has been quite bit of draft going on. There are big hills(?) between each tents, that first were nice and soft but are now hardening up, making a hollow styrofoam sound under our boots. There are stringers of snow, “snow snakes”, everywhere, and big sastrugi, destructional forms, are changing rapidly around camp. Now, our real season starts with full ski-doo, no more twin otter flight waiting games. Tomorrow we are going out whole day long (weather permitted, of course). It will be my first “whole day search for meteorites”! How exciting!! – Minako January 9, 2017