Cleaning Fest (and some updates)

We had a busy day yesterday. We all worked hard sorting all the stuff we took to the field. We cleaned all of the dishes, did inventory for all of kitchen items, cleaned stoves, moved so many boxes around. Jim, Jani and I did inventory for meteorites Jonny and Duck found earlier this season and packed all of meteorites into freezer box. They are sitting in ice core transit facility right now, ready to be shipped to NASA-JSC! This morning we moved more stuff around, returned all of BFC (The Berg field Center) gears back, did more dishes (Thermos and Nalgene bottles). We will hang our scott tents in BFC to dry later this afternoon. There are only few things left to do.

Yesterday NSF research vessel Palmer arrived to McMurdo. We signed up for tour of NSF research vessel Nathaniel B Palmer. So we have chance to get tour tonight. Pretty exciting!
We have one more full day tomorrow here in McMurdo. Probably last minutes packing before we take our check-in bags in the evening and more resting before long flight back to US. Jim, Alex, Jani and I are planned to leave on Monday. Jonny and Brian will have extra days here, returning to Christchurch on January 30. Hope we all have easy flights back to US.

Cleaning fest in BFC

 NSF research vessel Nathaniel B. Palmer
– Posted by Minako, January 21, 2017
NOTE from RPH:  Another lost post, posted from backup.   Minako, Jim, Alex and Jani are all scheduled to fly northbound today to Christchurch,  NZ.  John and Brian stay in McMurdo a few more days to help put our equipment into storage and prepare for next season.  As a result,  our rate of posting is likely to go down from here on out-  though I plan to post a synopsis of the season in about a week.
UPDATE:  Jim and Alex did head north today;  Jani and Minako got bumped to Thursday.  Turns out Brian was also going north today but he too got bumped to Thursday.