Waiting Game again……

The Nathanial B Palmer





Jim, Brian, Alex, Jani and I were scheduled to head back to Christchurch today. I was so excited this morning, woke up at 6:30. I had good 5.5 hours to do final packing and cleaning dorm room. We had early lunch together, thinking about this will be the last meal here in Antarctica.

Our transport time to the air field was 12:15. We all showed up to pick-up location and found out that 3 out of 5 were kicked out from today’s flight. Jim and Alex made on the list (they should be on the air right now). Brina, Jani and I were out. Yup. We are still in Antarctica where waiting game is ON.

For now, our next chance to go back to Christchurch is on Thursday. So, I’m back to my dorm room, thinking about how to spend next 3 days here in Antarctica. Maybe I get to see some penguins!? One more hike to Ob hill? Veterans, any suggestions?
Hope Jim and Alex have nice flights back. And please keep your fingers crossed for our departure flight. Hope see you all very soon!!

View from the bow, with Hut Point to the right

– posted by Minako,  January 23, 2017