Goodbye Antarctica!


The view inside a C-17. 

January 31, 2019
Goodbye McMurdo! It was a wonderful last 2 months, but it’s definitely time to go home. After 3 delays, Jim, Sheridan and I boarded the first C-17 aircraft of 2019 and are on our way back to New Zealand. If all goes to plan, John and Brian should be on the one leaving tomorrow. This was quite an amazing journey for all of us but it’s coming to an end rather quickly. I think I can speak for the group when expressing our gratitude to everyone who helped make this possible. First of all, a special thank you to Jim, John, Brian and Ralph for choosing us as this year’s field team and making this whole thing possible. Then to our family and friends for staying back at home and handling everything while we were off searching for adventure. Next off, to all of people who were at McMurdo this year, it was wonderful to meet so many great people during our stay. Special thanks to the flight crews, galley workers, BFC, Cargo, and all of the people behind the scenes. You helped us in so many ways and truly made everything so much smoother along the way. This was the trip of a lifetime! 865 meteorite specimens in the bag and a million great memories. Again, goodbye McMurdo, hope everyone has a great rest of the season and safe travels on their way home!

-Paul Scholar