Tent Days

Davis-Ward’s most exclusive restaurant! Authentic Antarctic cuisine with a frozen, neo-rustic ambience. Reservations for brunch currently being accepted for December of 2022.

Our Davis Ward camp site has endured two days in a row of bad weather – 30 mile per hour wind, blowing snow, and overcast skies. These conditions make it extremely difficult to search for meteorites (we need the sun to better illuminate the shiny fusion crust on meteorite surfaces) and force us to stay in our tents. We have had a great run of 8 or 9 good weather days conducting blue ice sweeps and moraine prospecting. As much as we love being out hunting meteorites, work days are long, with only enough time at the end of the day for cleaning up, eating dinner, chipping ice, making water, and chipping more ice. Today, the team caught up on hydration, calories (including the key food groups of butter, bacon, chocolate, and maple syrup), and cleaning up ourselves and the camp area. The women of ANSMET had a lovely brunch this morning (pictured above) which made us energized and ready for the next full day of meteorite hunting. Cindy and Emilie also tackled some of our frozen foo d challenges – using the ice saw and sledge hammer to cut off meal-sized chunks of frozen egg and spinach from 5 pound slabs. The result – victory over frozen food and a delicious spinach omelet for dinner. We have also had some time to write future blog posts, you should look forward to learning about: blue ice, types of meteorites, how meteorites support planetary missions, and field work and planetary exploration.

-Cindy and Emilie from tent #3 Davis Ward, Antarctica

(image caption added by rph)