Case Western Reserve University Department of Occupational and Environmental Safety manages our database of Material Safety Data Sheets.

The Ultimate reference source, great for broad classes of hazardous substances, A Comprehensive Guide to the Hazardous Properties of Chemical Substances.

Aldrich Technical Bulletins provide very useful and *free* guides for handling various types of chemicals, especially for air- and water-sensitive reagents.  They also provide instructions for other types of operations.  Bulletins AL-134 and Al-164 are of particular importance for CHEM 331 students.

There are very useful books for the proper disposal and management of chemical wastes (i.e., the stuff left over after your reaction).   These are available from our library:

  1. Prudent practices for the disposal of chemicals from laboratories QD51.77 1983
  2. Prudent practices for handling hazardous of in laboratories  QD51.N31 1981
  3. Prudent practices in the laboratory handling and disposal of chemicals  *electronic online book* – search Library Catalog and follow the link provided to access book.