Our research efforts span the areas of Inorganic (transition metal and main group chemistry), Organic, Polymer and Materials Chemistry.  Our work is synthesis driven and involves characterization of new compounds and materials using a variety of techniques.  For each of the specific projects mentioned below you will find an introduction and some specific details.  Selected papers on each topic are linked to introduce visitors to our research.

Interest Area 1:  Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Materials for Optoelectronic & Energy applications


    Specific Project (a) Conjugated Materials Featuring Inorganic Elements
    Specific Project (b) Designing New Materials for Increased Safety of Lithium Ion Batteries


Interest Area 2.  Catalysis involving Main Group & Transition Metal Chemistry


    Specific Project (a) Secondary Bonding and Hypervalent Organoiodine(III) Complexes
    Specific Project (b) New Ligands for Catalysis based on meta-Terphenyls


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