Advanced Inorganic Synthesis Lab Survival Resources

Welcome to this web site created by Professor John Protasiewicz for his students.  It is hoped that others may find this site useful.  The listing of resources is not necessary comprehensive, and the examples are selected to be representative.  It is my belief that a shorter list of selected examples is more useful than an overly cumbersome huge list that can lose the readers attention.  In addition, some of the resources listed here are available to the Case Western Reserve University community due to its specific licensing agreements.

CHEM 331 is a course aimed to prepare undergraduates for planning, designing, and  conducting syntheses involving advanced laboratory techniques.  Safety issues, costs, green chemistry, and characterization methods are all important factors in carrying out successful syntheses.  After taking CHEM 331, students should feel confident and ready to undertake independent research as undergraduate or graduate students, and be ready to cook without the cookbook!

CHEM 331 happens on Tuesdays in Fall semesters (lecture, place TBA, 10 to 11AM or so) and in Millis 313 laboratory (from about 11AM to no later than 6PM please…).


 No Cookbook


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