Lab & Student Space

Our renovated research labs are housed in 416 Millis Science Center (which is part of the large newly dedicated (2001) Agnar Pytte Science Center).  Our research space includes 8 six-foot wide variable flow rate hoods, most of which contain high vacuum lines for manipulation of air- and water- sensitive materials.  In this lab space is a room that was designed for housing inert atmosphere dryboxes.  We have three dryboxes.  All the equipment needed for modern synthesis of materials can be found in our labs.




Since the major renovation, our lab contains separate areas (418 Millis) for student desks (above is pictured Bob and Xufang-the wall of Mountain Dew is Rhett Smith‘s creation).  Our area in Millis also contains space for computers, printers, scanners, and even a conference area.


Major Equipment

MBruan Inert Atmopspheres dryboxes (416 Millis).  In addition to the above major equipment, our group uses many other techniques.  in particular, we often use EPR and multi-nuclear NMR spectroscopy, UV-visible spectroscopy, Fluorescence spectroscopy, spectroelectrochemistry, and cyclic voltammetry.