AmberMD – Molecular dynamics simulation software

ATSAS – Small-angle X-ray scattering processing & analysis software suite

EMBL-EBI –  European Bioinformatics Institute tools & data resources

ExPASy – Bioinformatics Resource Portal

HADDOCK – Software for modeling complexes using NMR data

I-TASSER – Protein structure & function predictions

MCFold | MCSym – Pipeline for predicting secondary structure & 3D modeling of RNA

NMRViewJ – Software for visualization of NMR spectra

NMRFAM – Software for NMR analysis

PALES – Prediction of alignment & fitting to Residual Dipolar Coupling (RDC) values

RNAComposer – 3D structure prediction of RNA using secondary structure

RNA Structure Weberver – Predict RNA secondary structure from sequence

WeNMR – Webserver for NMR & SAXS data processing

Xplor-NIH – Molecular dynamics simulation software




Protein Data Bank

The Center for HIV-1 RNA Research (CRNA)

Centers For AIDS Research (CFAR)