The Pentzer Group will move to Texas A&M University, starting July 1, 2019, as part of the Materials Science and Engineering and Chemistry Departments.


The Pentzer Group uses organic chemistry to tailor the properties and assembly behavior of small molecules, polymers, and nanoparticles to access new materials and assemblies as a route to understand structure-property relationships. While a current goal is to access electronic properties not possible with current state-of-the-art systems, the fundamental understandings gained have broad implications.  Researchers in the Pentzer lab are trained in synthetic organic and materials chemistry; characterization of small molecules, polymers, and assemblies; and data analysis and evaluation.  Collaborations with scientists and engineers present opportunities to augment this work, allowing ideas to be taken from design to implementation to application.  Current work focus on the preparation of 2D Janus nanosheets, developing new polymer backbone chemistries through chain growth methods, and controlling the properties of small molecules and polymers using stimuli responsive moieties.

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