Louisa, Lee, Jaylen, and Madi after their poster presentations summer 2018. Go Pentzer Group!

Pentzer Group (without undergrads) August 2018


RhayAuna (high school student) with her poster exploring the impact of salts on the assembly of 2D particles at fluid-fluid interfaces. RhayAuna was supported by the ACS SEED program (summer II).

August 2018

Jaylen (undergradaute) with his poster illustrating his work on fluorinated hydrocarbons encapsulated by 2D particles (a new direction for our group!). Jaylen was supported by the ACS Career award.

August 2018

Pentzer group, summer 2018, after Dr. Rachael Matthew’s PhD defense!

Lee (undergrad joint with Alp Sehirlioglu in Mat Sci) discussing his summer research successes. Lee was sponsored by the CWRU SURES program.

August 2018

Madi (undergrad) shows off her work from the summer performing grafting from polymerizations on GO. Madi was sponsored by the NSF Career award.

August 2018

Louisa (high school student at Hathaway Brown) poses with her excellent work this summer evaluating the assembly of 2D particles at fluid-fluid interfaces.

August 2018

Pentzer Group at Cleveland ACS Meeting in Miniature where Emily gave the Plenary talk!

March 2018

Kevin (MS student) and Paul (UG student) won outstanding oral presentations at the Cleveland ACS Meeting in Miniature!

March 2018

High school students Lena, Louisa, and RhayAuna showing off their work

August 2018


Riki Drout (UG alum), Emily, Sonbin Nguyen (Emily’s PhD advisor), and Spencer Burton (UG alum) at Northwestern!

March 2018


Lousa (HS student) and Kate (PhD student) at Lousia’s poster presentation at Hathaway Brown

March 2018


Peiran, Kevin, Qinmo, Bowen, and Yuanhui (and Rachael creeping) at professional development panel

March 2018

Yuanhui Xiang and his 4th year talk! January 2018

Peiran Wei and his 4th year talk! January 2018

Dr. Brad Rodier (Pentzer group PhD) and Emily catch up at ACS New Orleans (spring 2018). Brad is now at Rochal.

Introducing Dr. Brad Rodier!


Pentzer Group after Brad’s defense

December, 2017


Emily, Kate, Qinmo, and Peiran working at Presti’s!


Pentzer Group Summer 2017

Michael Lu Diaz (REU student from UPR Mayaguez) presents his end of summer poster

Christina Hemmingsen (CWRU undergraduate supported by SURES program) presents her end of summer poster


Rachael presenting, spring 2017


Eric deep in conversation, spring 2017


Emily co-ran an info session on how to apply to grad school (with Ina Martin)

Funded by SOURCE office

IMG_5016 IMG_5365 IMG_5371


Spencer Burton and Professor Pentzer at the Intersections Poster Session

Summer 2015


Daphney and Professor Pentzer at the SOURCE Poster Session

Summer 2015


Riki at the ShowCASE Poster Session (honorable mention)

Spring 2016


Eric Mosher (CWRU biochemistry major) at the Intersections Poster Session

Summer 2016


Laura Alonso (chem major at Elmhurst College) at the Intersections Poster Session

Summer 2016


Pentzer Group bowling, winter 2016


Brad working on the preparation of Janus graphene oxide nanosheets

Fall 2016


Spencer (left) and Eric (right) working on some graphene oxide composites and demonstrating excellent PPE

Fall 2016


Part of the Pentzer Group open house

Fall 2016


International Symposium on Polymer Chemistry (PC2016) where Emily was an invited speaker

The Future Faculty Workshop run by Dr. Thomas Epps at Gore Hall, Monday, August 15, 2016.

Emily was a mentor at The NSF sponsored Future Faculty Workshop run by Dr. Thomas Epps at UDel August 2016.


Pentzer Group Fall 2016


Brad Rodier gives his fourth year seminar to the entire chemistry department. January 19, 2017


Pentzer lab, February 2017