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NSF CAREER (DMR, Polymers): Asymmetric Functionalization of 2-D Nanomaterials for Tailored Assemblies (2016-2021)


NSF (Chemistry, MSN): Next Generation Rigid Rod Polymers from Silyl Ketenes (2018-2021, collaborative grant with Daniel Lambrecht at UPitt)



DOE EFRC on Breakthrough Electrolytes for Energy Storage (lead PI: Bob Savinell, 2018-2022)



AFOSR: Controlled Nanostructures of Atomically Thin 2D Oxides for Next Generation Functional Materials (lead PI: Alp Sehirlioglu, 2017-2020)


jj ACS PRF ND: Exploiting Small Molecule Building Blocks to Architect Polymers with Enhanced Performance as Dielectric Materials (2019-2021)



Completed Funding:

jj ACS PRF DNI: A Radical Approach to Conjugated Polymers (2015-2017)
NASA logo  NASA: Harriet G. Jenkins Graduate Research Fellowship (Mr. Bradley Rodier, 2013-2017)