The most up-to-date safety information and all required signatures can be found in the Pentzer Group office, in the grey folder labeled “CHP.”

A vital part to working in a wet chemistry lab is safety and appropriate safety measures.  Before working in lab, all students, postdocs, and volunteers are required to complete training through the CWRU Environmental Health Services department, as well as individual lab training with a group safety officer (Sarah Mitchell or Qinmo Luo) or Professor Pentzer. Details of the university training from EHS can be found here; all new researchers must train in person (available Monday or Tuesday afternoons, sign up in advance), and all researchers must do an annual re-training, which can be accomplished online.

Standard PPE to be used always in the Pentzer lab (including by visitors): Shoes and pants that leave no exposed skin (e.g., no ballet flats or capri pants), lab coat, safety googles, gloves.

The Pentzer Lab has a Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP), that all researchers should familiarize themselves with prior to starting in lab. This document is updated annually. Pentzer-Lab-CHP-January-2018

Current Pentzer Group Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) can be found in the CHP listed in lab.  These are Initial templates that are updated annually

SOP-Aqua-Regia SOP-Azides SOP-Cyanide-Salt SOP-Hydrazine
SOP-Hydrogen-Fluoride SOP-Liquid-Nitrogen SOP-Organometallics SOP-Piranha-Solution
SOP-Potassium-Metal SOP-Vacuum-Oven