Welcome to the Samia Research Group website! Our group is interested in developing functional metal/metal oxide composite nanomaterials for applications in imaging, therapy and sensing applications.

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Research Summary

Dr. Samia’s research interests center around the synthesis and study of the magneto-opto-electronic properties of intermetallic and metal oxide nanostructures with emphasis on chemical design to achieve desired properties and function. The main applications are in the areas of nanotheranostics and environmental nanotechnology.


Our group is interested in developing magnetic nanoparticle composites for improved MRI, magnetic particle imaging (MPI,) and hyperthermia applications. Moreover, we aim to control the magneto-opto-electronic properties of hybrid intermetallic nanoparticles for environmental monitoring and biosensing applications.


Another research focus in the Samia group is the development of novel nanomaterial platforms for water treatment and agri-nanotechnology. An emerging research direction is the development of new application schemes for the site targeted delivery of agrochemicals needed for improved plant disease resistance, efficient nutrient utilization and enhanced plant growth. Along this line, we also study the effects of magnetic and non-magnetic metal and metal oxide nanoparticles in the growth of plants and soil microbes.


Congratulations to Prof. Anna C. Samia and Prof. Xiong “Bill” Yu for their new NSF-CMMI grant to develop innovative building envelope materials!

Our work on developing models for prosthesis degradation using magnetic particle imaging techniques was recently featured in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Case Daily highlights our work on the development of new imaging methods to study artificial implant degradation.

Our research on composite magnetic nanomaterials was featured at the website of the Scientific and Clinical Applications of Magnetic Carriers.

Congratulations to Dr. Samia for obtaining an NSF-CAREER award to study the degradation of polymer implants using magnetic particle imaging.

Congratulations Eric for passing his PhD candidacy exam!

Congratulations to Shu for passing her PhD candidacy exam!

Congratulations to Adriana for passing her PhD candidacy exam!

Congratulations to Dr. Samia and her MPI collaborators, Prof. Brown and Prof. Griswold for their Image Guided Biomaterials Development Grant Award!

Congratulations Adriana for receiving a NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship!