• Engaging Local K-12 Schools and Museums with “Cleveland’s Traveling Magnetism Show”:

Magnetic phenomena and concepts are inherently attractive to young people and are highly adaptable for inquiry based and hands-on learning experiences. The “Cleveland’s Traveling Magnetism Show” was developed by Dr. Samia to serve as a modular teaching platform at four adaptive levels for K-12 students, and is showcased in different local schools and museums to enrich the education of students into the chemistry and physics of magnets, and inspire them to pursue careers in the STEM fields.


  • Outreach Programs to Introduce and Encourage Young Women and Underrepresented Minorities to STEM Fields:

Dr. Samia is actively involved in the “Introduce a Girl to Science Day” WISER (Women in Science and Engineering Rountable) program at CWRU. She also serves as an active mentor and laboratory host to women and minority students involved in the Protégé program that trains and mentors young women to careers in STEM fields, the Shadowing project that pairs high school to graduate students pursuing advanced education in Chemistry, and the the ACS-SEED summer research program.


  • Integrating Teaching and Research in Undergraduate and Graduate Courses – From Classroom Theory to Practical Laboratory Experience:

Dr. Samia is working towards enriching the learning experience of her students in her “Foundations of Analytical Chemistry Course – Chem 310” and “Functional Nanomaterials Course – Chem 341/441”. To expose students to nanomaterial synthesis and TEM analysis, she has developed a new experiential teaching module entitled “Teaching Analytical Chemistry on the Nanometer Scale,” which enables students from the Science and Engineering schools to have an opportunity to learn and experience the emerging applications of nanomaterials in analytical technologies. A hands-on component was developed that exposes undergraduate and graduate students to the synthesis, optical and electrochemical analysis of the properties of nanoparticles.


  • Women in Chemistry @ CWRU (WIC@CWRU) Professional Development Workshop Program:

The WIC@CWRU professional development workshop program was established by Dr. Samia to provide a venue to support promising ladies in their career development that is geared towards graduate students and postdocs majoring in Chemistry. This program provides a mentoring and coaching platform for graduate and post-graduate female chemistry students that will guide them in tackling important aspects of career advancement specific to women scientists.


Cleveland’s Traveling Magnet Show

Women in Science and Engineering Roundtable (WISER)

Introduce a Girl to Science Day

High School Student Programs

ACS-SEED Summer Research

Protégé Program – Laurel High School

Shadowing Summer Outreach

Czar Buenviaje (Undergrad from Phillipines)

Undergraduate Student Programs

Summer Undergraduate Research in Energy and Sustainability (SURES)

Hands-on Experience in Nanochemistry


Women in Chemistry Workshop Series at CWRU