Graduate Research

Graduate students participate in an interdisciplinary research program on the synthesis, characterization and applications of metallic and metal oxide nanomaterials in sensor and biomedical imaging and therapy applications.


Undergraduate Research

Motivated undergraduate students are encouraged to take part in our research on functional nanomaterials. Students will be involved in the synthesis, functionalization and magneto-opto-electronic characterization of metal and metal oxide nanomaterials. Please contact Prof. Samia by e-mail for further inquiry. Summer research positions available.


High School Student Research Training

High school students are very welcome to have a research training experience in our lab. Please request your school student Adviser to contact Prof. Samia by e-mail for further inquiry. Summer reserach positions available.


Postdoctoral Position

There are no current Postdoctoral positions available in the Samia lab.



Prof. Anna C. Samia

Department of Chemistry

Case Western Reserve University

10900 Euclid Avenue

Cleveland, OH 44106 USA