Magnetic phenomena and concepts are inherently attractive to young people and are highly adaptable for inquiry based and hands-on learning experiences for pre-college students. The Cleveland’s Traveling Magnetism Show is a modular program meant to promote engagement in science from really young ages to pre-college years. There are four different levels of complexity according to the target audience:

1) Pre-school children will be exposed to magnetic and non-magnetic materials, and the surprise occasioned by demonstrations of invisible, long distance push-and-pull forces.

2) Early elementary school students will be shown how magnetic dipoles interact and how magnetism is transferred. A take home set for building a magnetic compass will be introduced.

3) Middle school students will be introduced to concepts of magnetic field lines and the correlations between electricity and magnetism.

4) High school students will learn about the relation between electron spin and magnetism, how ferrofluids are made, and how they behave, as well as how chemistry can affect the magnetic properties of materials and how magnetism is used in medicine.


Kids have FUN with Magnets – Great Lakes Science Center, 07/2013  Pamphlet




 Magnetism show at the local public Bryden Elementary School in Beachwood, OH, 05/2014