Celebrating Liang-Yuan Chiu defending his PhD thesis: Congratulations, Dr. Chiu!

On 4 May 2021, Liang-Yuan Chiu successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis, entitled “Roles of RNA structural dynamics and molecular interaction in viral gene expression.” With everybody being fully vaccinated against COVID-19, we gathered at Dr. Tolbert’s house for a backyard barbecue.
Congratulations, Dr. Chiu!

Liang and Dr. Tolbert at the backyard BBQ.

Liang (right) and Dr. Tolbert (left) pose together for a photo at the backyard BBQ at Dr. Tolbert’s.

Liang and Vas pose for a photo at the backyard BBQ.

Liang (right) and Vas (left) at the backyard BBQ.

Congratulatory cake for Liang that says, "Congratulations Dr. Liang-Yuan Chiu / This is the end of the beginning."

Congratulatory cake for Liang

candid photo of lab members and their spouses,and significant others.

A candid group photo of members of the lab and their spouses and significant others.

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