This website contains images and descriptions of over one thousand glass lantern slides used by Prof. Jesse Earl Hyde, a professor who taught geology at Western Reserve University (now part of Case Western Reserve University) from 1915 until his death in 1936. The collection itself contains more than 2000 slides and hundreds of photographs made roughly from 1890 to the mid 1930’s. These slides span a massive range of topics such the evolution of man, glaciers, Ohio geology, and the history of science just to name a few.

Prof. Hyde also carefully wrote comments and descriptions on many of them, making the collection a fascinating window into both geological science of the early 20th century and Prof. Hyde himself. All of these comments were also recorded in a catalogue using a unique combination of numbers and letters, such as 1008.Cd.1, to sort and identify each slide easily. Below is a list that contains the contents of this catalogue, along with the range of slide numbers within each section, as marked by Prof. Hyde in the catalogue.

You may notice there are many numbers without a link, especially at the beginning of the catalogue. This is because this is a very old collection, and many of the slides have been lost, broken, or burnt in the projector. Some of these missing slides may still be found in the collection, but most are truly lost.


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Favorite Slides:  A listing of slides that are amusing, historically important, interesting or just plain cool. If you find a slide you like, have a current picture of a location, or would like to comment on a slide that is already on the list, send me an email with the number of the slide, and/or the comment and it will be added to the list.


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