771.-.1 Tree of animal life as reconstructed in the Peabody Museum, Yale University.


841.A.1 Attitude, limb and body, Lungfish, Eryops, Man. Bodies.
841.A.2 Sprawling reptile and upright-limbed mammal. Skeletons.
841.A.3 Pectoral limb, Crossopterigian and Amphibian. Skeletal.
841.A.4 Shoulder girdle and skull, Crossopterigian to Amphibian. Skeletal.
841.A.5 Attitude of pelvis and hind limb, fish to man. Skeletal.
841.A.6 Evolution of the human skull, fish through amphibian, reptiles, man.
841.A.7 Skeletons of Petromyzon (Lamprey), Cestracion (Part Jackson Shark), Perch (Type of Bony fish)
841.A.8 Left pectoral fins of Heptanchus. Heterodontus (Cestracion)