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693.-.1 Paleogeographic maps; Upper Triassic-lower Jurassic. (Schuchert).
693.-.2 Paleogeographic maps; Early and late Upper Jurassic. (Schuchert).
693.-.3 Paleogeographic maps; Early and Middle Comanchic. (Schuchert).
693.-.4 Paleogeographic maps; Late Comanchic-early Cretaceous. (Schuchert).
693.-.5 Paleogeographic maps; Middle Cretacic-Eocene. (Schuchert).
693.-.6 Sketch map of Europe during the early Triassic. (De Lapparent).
693.-.7 Sketch map of Europe during the late Triassic. (De Lapparent).
693.-.8 Sketch map of Europe during the middle Jurassic. (De Lapparent).
693.-.9 Land and sea in Europe during the late Jurassic. (De Lapparent).


694.-.1 Group of American marine Triassic fossils.
694.-.2 Group of Triassic Ammonites.
694.-.3 Group of Jurassic Ammonites.
694.-.4 Fauna of the Shastan series; upper Comanchean.
694.-.5 Some Cretaceous invertebrates.
694.-.6 Group of Cretaceous cephalopods.



695.A.1 Triassic Ganoids; Durham, Connecticut. Ischypterus micropterus, Newberry.
695.A.2 Triassic Ganoids; Durham, Connecticut. Catopterus redfieldi, Egerton.
695.A.3 Cretaceous teleosts; Pertheus molossus; Beryx lewesiensis and Osmeroides. mantelli.


695.C.1 Triassic reptile; Karoo formation. Oudenodon trigoniceps, Broom.


695.D.1 Slab of dinosaur footprints from Turner’s Falls, Mass. Hitchcock collection, Amherst College, Triassic.
695.D.1a Dinosaur Tracks at Smith’s Ferry Mass.
695.D.1b Dinosaur track (Anchisauripus hitchcocki Lull) with insect trails crossing it. Triassic, Gill, Mass.
695.D.2 Newark series; Dinosaur. Triassic. Stegomus longipes; Emerson.
695.D.3 Cretaceous dinosaur. Claosaurus annectens, Marsh.
695.D.4 Cretaceous dinosaur; Iguanodon bernissartensis, Belgium.
695.D.5 Newark series Dinosaur. Triassic. Podokesaurus holyokensis.
695.D.6 Newark series Dinosaur. Triassic. Anchisaurus colurus, Marsh.
695.D.6a Anchisaurus colurus Marsh. Model by Lull. Newark series, Triassic. Manchester, Conn. one of slenderest of dinosaurs, 7′ long, carnivorous. Restored after Marsh coll. Peabody Museum, Yale.
695.D.7 Jurassic Dinosaur; Colorado. Ceratosaurus nasicornis, Marsh.
695.D.8 Trachodon. Cretaceous.
695.D.9 Trachodon restoration, by Charles R. Knight.
695.D.10 Cretaceous; Spoonbill dinosaur. Hadrosaurus mirabilis, Leidy.
695.D.11 Trachodon “Mummy”.
695.D.12 Corythosaurus casuarus. Upper Cretaceous, Red Deer River, Alberta.
695.D.13 Brontosaurus excelsis. Herbivorous dinosaur. Jurassic, Wyoming.
695.D.14 Brontosaurus restoration.
695.D.14a Brontosaurus excelsis Marsh, Holotype, described and figured, Marsh. Dinosaurs of N. Amer. Skel. mounted at Peabody Mus. Yale. Morrison formatin, Jurrassic. Como Bluff, Wyo. Coll. 1881.
695.D.15 Jurassic Dinosaur; sauropod. Brontosaurus excelsis, Marsh.
695.D.16 Jurassic dinosaur, Wyoming. Diplodicus carnegiei, Hatcher.
695.D.17 Allosaurus. Carnivorous Cretaceous dinosaur.
695.D.18 Allosaurus.
695.D.19 Allosaurus head. Hell Creek, Montana.
695.D.20 Tyrannosaurus rex. Carnivorous Cretaceous Dinosaur. Bipedal. Hell Creek, Montana.
695.D.21 Trannosaurus head. Hell Creek, Montana.
695.D.22 Tyrannosaurus skeleton in the field.
695.D.23 Ornitholestes hemianni. Light, agile, carnivorous dinosaur. Jurassic.
695.D.24 Struthiomimus. The ostrich dinosaur. Upper Cretaceous. Alberta.
695.D.25 Jurassic. Restoration of Megalosaurus aquilunguis.
695.D.26 Tricerotops prorsus Marsh. Herbivorous dinosaur with toothless beaks and feeble back teeth. Protection by heavy bones of head. Brain in tiny cavity between horn bases, 8 inches long, the smallest for the size skull of any known vertebrate. Youngest Cretaceous, Laramie; Lance Creek beds, Wyoming on S.W. margin of Black Hills. Mount in U.S. Natl. Museum by combining several specimens. Specimen 19 ft. 8 inchs. long; head one-third total length.
695.D.27 Tricerotops skull.
695.D.28 Triceratops skull to show heavy bone crest, under side.
695.D.29 Restoration of Tricerotops.
695.D.29a Tricerotops prorsus Marsh, type. Youngest Cretaceous; Laramie, Lance Creek beds. Niobrara Co. (Converse Co. now Niobrara), Wyoming, S.W. margin of Black Hills. Peabody Museum, Yale University.
695.D.30 Monoclonius. Ceratopsid herbivorous dinosaur. Bony fringe lightened by spaces. Cretaceous, Red Deer River, Alberta.
695.D.30a Monoclonius flexus Brown. Dinosaur, same line as Triceratops, Ceratopia, but frill “specialized” and lightened by fenestra. Belly River form., Upper Cret., Red Deer River, 12 miles below Steveville, Alberta, Can. Coll. Am. M.N.H.; coll. 1914. In Peabody Museum, Yale.
695.D.30b Monoclonius flexus, Brown. Specialized frilled dinosaur; same mount as show in slide 695.D.30a, to show reconstruction of exterior. Peabody Museum Yale University, Belly River form., U. Cretaceous, Red Deer River, Alta., Can.
695.D.31 Jurassic dinosaur; Colorado. Stegosaurus ungulatus.
695.D.32 Jurassic dinosaur, restoration. Stegosaurus ungulatus.
695.D.33 Horned toad, desert near San Tuan, New Mex. The ancient dinosaurs were no worse, except for size.
695.D.34 Horned toad, desert near San Tuan, New Mex. The ancient dinosaurs were no worse, except for size.


695.E.1 Plesiosaurus dolichodeirus, Lias, Lyme Regis, Lower Jurassic, England. View of under side.
695.E.2 Crytocleidus (Plesiosaur). Oxford Clay. Lower U. Jurassic, Eng.
695.E.3 Crytocleidus (Plesiosaur). Oxford Clay. Lower U. Jurassic, Eng.
695.E.4 Cretaceous plesiosaur, Kansas. Trinacrome run osborni, Willist.


695.F.1 Ichthyosaurus quadriecissus. Lower Jurassic (Upper Lias.) Holzmaden, Wurtemburg, Germany.
695.F.2 Jurassic Ichthyosaur. Wurtemburg, Holzmaden, Germany. Ichthyosaurus quadriscissus.
695.F.3 An illustration of limb of reptile from land to marine form.


695.G.1 Upper Jurassic pterosaurs; Bavaria. Pterodactylus elegans, Wagner. Pterodactylus spectabilis. Solenhofen, Bavaria.
695.G.2 Cretaceous pterodactyl, Kansas. Nyctosaurus gracilis, Marsh.
695.G.3 Ramphorhynchus phullurus Marsh. Upper Jurassic, Solenhofe, Bavaria.
695.G.4 Pteranodon. Upper Cretaceous, Kansas. Wing spread 25 ft. Weight not to exceed 30 pounds.
695.G.5 Pteranodon. Kansas. Restoration.
695.G.6 Pteranodon longiceps. Spread 18′; (Eaton estimates one at 26’9″), largest wingspread known, like a great fragile kite, weight in all 30 lbs. Gliding pterosaur. Niobrara (Middle Upper Cret.) of western Kansas. Associated with marine fishes, turtles, mosasaurs, birds, and invertebrates, far from any shoreline. Peabody Museum, Yale.


695.H.1 Upper Cretaceous, Mososaur. Platecarpus coryphaeus, Kansas.
695.H.2 Laramie, Montana, Reptile. Champosaurus.
695.H.3 Archelon ischyros Weil. Dorsal view, marine turtle, 12 ft. long. A land form adapted to marine with reduction in armor under the new environment. Weiland standing by, Peabody Museum, Yale U. U. Cretaceous, Pierre Shale, S. Dakota, Cheyenne R., 35 mi. S.E. Black Hills. Modern marine leatherback and hawksbill turtles in foreground.
695.H.4 Archelon Ventral view, marine turtle, 12 ft. long. A land form adapted to marine with reduction in armor under the new environment. Weiland standing by, Peabody Museum, Yale U. U. Cretaceous, Pierre Shale, S. Dakota, Cheyenne R., 35 mi. S.E. Black Hills.
695.H.5 Archelon. Dorsal view, marine turtle, 12 ft. long. A land form adapted to marine with reduction in armor under the new environment. Weiland standing by, Peabody Museum, Yale U. U. Cretaceous, Cheyenne R. 35 mi. S.E. Black Hills.


695.I.1 Archaeopteryx lithographica. Upper Jurassic, Solenhofen, Bavaria.
695.I.2 Ichthyornis victor, Marsh. Upper Cretaceous, Kansas.
695.I.3 Hesperonis skeleton. Bird. Cretaceous, Kansas.
695.I.3a Hesperornis regalis Marsh (standing) Hesperonis crassipes Marsh (swimming) 4 1/2′ length. Flightless, swimming, toothed birds, marine Niobrara (Cretaceous), west Kansas. Associ. with sharks, mososaurs, sea turtles, plesiosaurs and pterodactyls. Peabody Museum, Yale.
695.I.4 Cretaceous bird, Kansas. Hesperornis regalis, Marsh. Early interpretation as a walking bird.
695.I.5 Cretaceous, Hesperornis restoration. Hesperornis regalis.
695.I.6 Hesperornis regalis.
695.I.7 Archaeopteryx (Archaeornis) skeleton compared with skeleton of pigeon.
695.I.8 Right forelimb of Archaeopteryx (Archaeornis) compared with right forelimb of pigeon.
695.I.9 Hypothetical gliding reptile whoch might have been transitional between Mesozoic reptiles and Archaeopteryx.
695.I.10 Archaeopteryx (archaeornis) skull, C, compared with A, Aetosaurus, Triassic; B, Euparkeria, Triassic; D, pigeon.
695.I.11 Left hand in dorsal view. 1. Archaeornis with two primaris in their supposed position on the metacarpal digit. 2. Ten primaries of nestling Hoatzin. 3. Ten primaries of young pigeon.
695.I.12 Recapitulation shown in left wing of hoatzin. 1. Hoatzin embryo. 2. Hoatzin adult.
695.I.13 Nestling hoatzin showing functional claws on ist, 2nd, and 3rd fingers.
695.I.14 Recapitulation shown in right hind limb of chicken below the knee. G – , Successive stages in egg. G , half grown chick.
695.I.15 Hoatzin. Young bird climbing and using claws on the wings.


695.J.1 Lower jaws of American Upper Jurassic mammals. Pryocodon ferox, Wyoming, and Dryolestes vorax, Morrison formation.


696.-.1 Modern cycad; Cycas circinalis. Jurassic cycad, stem.
696.-.2 Group of Triassic gymnosperms from the Atlantic Coast.
696.-.3 Cretaceous plants; fossil leaves of the Dakota sandstone; early angiosperms.