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235.-.1 Chart of distribution of various ocean deposits.


261.-.1 Waves at Cape Ann, Massachusetts.
261.-.2 Waves at Cape Ann, Massachusetts.Rock ribbed coast.
261.-.3 Lowtide, Rye, N.Y. Foliated crystalline rocks, N. Shore, Long Island Sound. To show intersecting systems of waves and wave refraction.
261.-.4 Waves breaking obliquely furnishing conditions for along shore drift. Mentor Headlands, Painesville, Ohio.
261.-.5 Drowned shore line (distance) with barrier sand beaches several miles in front of it. Waves breaking obliquely and beach making to right by alongshore drift. View northwest on northeast coast Indochina, South China sea on right (east).
261.-.6 Storm wave on the Atlantic from deck of steamer.
261.-.7 Storm waves on Lake Erie breaking parallel to general shore, concentrating in bay head. Cleveland shale. Looking south-eastward from Eagle Cliff, Berea Qd. Photo taken “many years” before 1934.
261.-.7a Storm waves on Lake Erie breaking parallel to general shore, concentrating in bay head. Cleveland shale. Looking south-eastward from Eagle Cliff, Berea Qd. Photo taken “many years” before 1934.


263.-.1 Wave attack on jointed limestone. Valcour Island, Lake Champlain and Vermont in distance.
263.-.2 Sea cave, low tide. Castine, Maine.
263.-.3 Sea cliff, Dover, England.
263.-.4 Sea cliff in Triassic Trap, Grand Manon, Bay of Funday.
263.-.5 Sea cliff in limestone, Mackinaw Island, Mich.
263.-.6 Coast from west of Wood’s Bat, North Devonshire, Bristol Channel, Eng.
263.-.7 Cobble Beach, Bay of Funday, low tide.
263.-.8 Rocky coast with sands, at low tide. Northeast chapel, St. Michel.
263.-.9 Rocky Coast, low tide. Morthwest tower, St. Michel, France. (from east)
263.-.10 Till cliff with unremoved bouldersat base. Griffin Bay, Lake Ontario.
263.-.11 Sea cliff in sand with beach. Sleeping Bear Point, Lake Michigan.
263.-.12 Wave destruction on clay cliffs during high stage of Lake Erie, winter of 1928-29. Camera standing in middle of former road. Man also. Waves breaking obliquely. Mentor Headlands, Painesville, O.


265.-.1 Wall Beach, Scituate, Massacusetts.
265.-.2 Beach near Glouscester, Massachusetts.
265.-.3 Sand spit and Big Boar’s Head in distance. Little Boar’s Head, N.H.
265.-.4 Wave cut rock beach at high tide. Little Boar’s Head, New Hamp.
265.-.5 Wave cut rock beach at low tide. Little Boar’s Head, New Hamp.
265.-.6 Cobble beach thrown up by storm. Little Boar’s Head, New Hampshire.
265.-.7 Curving pocket beach of sand between rock headlands. Rye, New York.
265.-.8 Salt marsh back of sand beach. Little Boar’s Head, New Hampshire.
265.-.9 Cliff and bar, Lake Michigan.
265.-.10 Single and double tomboles, near Brehat, France.
265.-.11 The “Back” of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
265.-.12 Sand spit. Monomy, Massachusetts.
265.-.13 Beach of limestone pebbles. Mackinaw Island, Mich.
265.-.14 Lagoon shut off by shingle barrier. Griffin Bay, Lake Ontario.
265.-.15 Atlantic City, N.J. built on beach. Shallow inlet across beach in distance.
265.-.16 Near Jacksonville, Fla. Changing spit, Beach Ridges and open Atlantic. Along-shore drift, and successive spits.


267.-.1 Recurved spit, Duck point, Grand Traverse Bay, Lake Michigan.
267.-.2 Gravel spit with driftwood. Near Mackinac Island, Michigan.
267.-.3 Spit of shingle. Au Train Island, Lake Superior.
267.-.4 Mt. Kempshall and sand spit, out near Camp Island, Long Lake New York.
267.-.5 Spit forming under water. Bois Blanc, Michigan.


271.-.1 Rising tide near full, St. John’s Harbor, New Brunswick.
271.-.2 Falling tide and reverse in direction of rapids. St. John’s Harbor, N.B.
271.-.3 Drowned valley. Low tide in bays near Eastport, Maine.
271.-.4 Low tide, Bay of Minas, Nova Scotia.
271.-.5 Mascaret of the Seine, at Caudebec, France.


273.-.1 Drowned valley, near Eastport, Maine.
273.-.2 Islands due to submergence and glaciation. South of Mt. Desert, Maine.
273.-.3 Drowned valley. Jupiter Inlet, Florida.
273.-.4 Rocky coast with islands, low tide. Bay of St. Michel, Cancale, France.
273.-.5 Drowned valley of the Hudson River, Peekskill, N.Y. near Anthony’s Nose.


283.-.1 Cliff coast from end of pier, Clovelly, North Devonshire, England.
283.-.2 Village built up the side of coast cliffs. The “White Dependance”, St. Michel, France.