DISCLAIMER: These images were scanned from a large collection of slides made in the early 1900’s, many of which were taken from books or other sources, as well as drawn or taken by Prof. Hyde. We have no knowledge of whether or not permission was obtained by Prof. Hyde to use images not his own for these slides. However, sources have been cited for some of the slides and we will be seeking permission from the proper owners for their use. To determine if a slide has a cited source, contact the custodian of the site (currently Ralph Harvey).

For all other slides, you have the right to use these images and captions under the following conditions:

–When images are used, they must be accompanied by a citation or caption that clearly states the image originated from The Jesse Earl Hyde Collection, Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) Department of Geological Sciences. If space allows, the full URL for the image used (it’s web address) should be included in the citation or caption.

–We retain the right to edit any figure captions you might use to ensure accuracy. If you want to use an image, simply contact the custodian with your caption and s/he will tell you if it is okay, and recommend changes if it is not.

–You must obtain permission for each individual use of an image. Again, simply contact the custodian if you want to use an image, and permission will almost certainly be given.

–ANY USE other than educational or scientific purposes is strictly prohibited without further permission from the custodian. In other words, you can’t use these images or captions for commercial advertisements, commercial displays, computer screens, movie backgrounds, calendars, etc. without permission. You are also forbidden from redistributing any images.

–We request that the CWRU Department of Geological Sciences is provided with copies of any physically distributed material that contains the images or captions.

–There is no charge to use the images or captions as long as the above conditions are met.