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331.-.1 Weathering, crossbedding, etc., Navajo Church, Fort Wingate, New Mex.
331.-.2 Cross-beeding in sandstones in Walnut Canton, near Flagstaff, Arizona.
331.-.3 Gravel bar formed in high water by Scioto in direction of flow, left to right. Showing way in which cross-bedding was formed. Scioto River, Chillicothe, Ohio.
331.-.4 Oscillation ripples on a tidal flat. New York City.


335.-.1 Flint nodules in corniferous limestone. Auburn, New York.
335.-.2 Cherty base of Black River limestone, Loweville beneath, near Watertown, New York.
335.-.3 Exposed core of tepee butte, north of Nepesta, Colorado.
335.-.4 Tepee butte, core not exposed, 2 miles northeast of Boone, Colorado


339.-.1 Mud cracks, Sagamore Creek, Cuyahoga River near Bedford, O.; mud formed by flood of June 28, 1924. Photo Sept. 1924
339.-.2 Rain-drop prints in soft mud, Euclid Creek.
339.-.3 Sun cracks in mud pumped from Hudson River for newly made land. Cracks formed summer of 1910, photo taken May 1911, after a winter’s exposure. New York City.
339.-.4 Raccoon and worm tracks in mud of a single flood – below high water mark. Chippewa Creek, near Brecksville.
339.-.5 Leaves submerged on the floor of a muddy pool, broken twigs partly submerged. Near Cleveland, Ohio.
339.-.6 The trail of an earthworm lost in the liquid drying mud of a storm. Worm is in distant whorl. On right pits made by air escaping from subsoil. South of Cleveland.


339.B.1 Aluminum hydroxide precipitated in quiet waters from Aluminum Sulphate, a weathering product of carbonaceous iron sulphide-bearing Cleveland and Chagrin shales. Vermilion River, Below Rugby, Ohio.
339.B.2 Aluminum hydroxide precipitated in quiet waters and forming a grey clay film in drying pools. Vermilion River below Rugby, Ohio.


347.-.1 Map showing regional alteration of coals and petroleums in the eastern United States. D. White, Jour. Wash. Acad. Science, Vol 5, pp199, 1915.
347.-.2 Root (stigmaria) in position in fire clay, beneath the middle Kittanning Coal, Wellesville, Ohio.
347.-.3 Lignite seams, Alaska.
347.-.4 Lignite seam with stumps in place.


355.-.1 Concretions in Ohio shale, near Columbus.
355.-.2 Concretions of Laramie sandstone south of Newcastle, Wyoming.


358.B.1 Limestone bed with ripples, dinosaur tracks and abundant mud cracks, an old playa deposit. Triassic or Jurassic. Peacock Canyon, Dry Cimarron River, Extreme N.E. corner of New Mexico.
358.B.2 Several large dinosaur tracks in limestone of an old Jura-Trias playa deposit. Peacock Canyon of Dry Cimarron River. Extreme N.E. corner of New Mexico.
358.B.3 Mud-crack layer of limestone (natural mold from cracked surface) of old Jura-Trias playa limestone with dinosaur tracks. Peacock Canyon of Dry Cimarron River. Extreme N.E. corner of New Mexico.