Gneiss  |  Marble  |  Slate and Slatey Cleavage



401.-.1 Contorted gneiss, shore of Ottawa River, Canada.
401.-.2 Boulder of contorted gneiss, Amherst, Massachusetts.
401.-.3 Pre-cambrian gneiss cutting Precambrian granite. Man is on granite; contact cuts gneiss squarely beneath foreground patch of soil. Kingston, Ontario. All hill and valley here shown are Pre-ordovician, disclosed by removal of earlier Paleozoic limestone. Slide 481.B.3 and 4 are at water level below dead tree.


407.-.1 Marble flowage effects produced by metamorphism. Georgian Bay, near Honey Harbor, Ontario.


409.-.1 Anticlinal fold. Axis dip and cleavage dip to west; beds thicken at summit; Castlemaine, Victoria.
409.-.2 Slatey cleavage and its relation to bedding planes; 2 miles south of Walland, Tennessee.
409.-.3 Hill showing cleavage in granite. North side of Deep Spring Valley. Inyo County, California.
409.-.4 West end of ridge, giving nearer view of granite. Same locality as preceding slide.
409.-.5 Diagram of pure shortening, after Van Hise.
409.-.6 Diagram showing the development of fracture cleavage, after Van Hise.
409.-.7 Block showing development of fracture cleavage, after Van Hise.